What's a Shrub?

Shrubs might best be thought of as acidified fruit syrups. While people have been preserving things with vinegar for thousands of years, the particular concoctions we call shrubs were last popular during the American colonial era as a way to keep fruit past harvest time. As mass refrigeration became available, shrubs faded away. All you have to do is taste a well made one to understand that that was a mistake.

We make our shrubs with only pressed raw fruit, raw Montana honey, raw apple cider vinegar and water. The outcome is a concentrated liquid that serves as a base for sodas or cocktails. The flavor profile is a balanced layering of bright fruit, florals, tartness, tanginess and cleansing acidity.

Shrubs are perfect as an everyday beverage or as the centerpiece of any mixologist's arsenal. We recommend 1 part shrub to 7 parts soda water for strikingly flavorful, refreshing and naturally low calorie soft drinks that have all the health benefits of raw fruit, unprocessed honey and apple cider vinegar while being just plain delicious and invigorating.

For cocktails, the possibilities are endless. It's no mistake that shrubs are showing up on serious cocktail menus everywhere. Pro tip: any of these flavors will make the best whiskey sour of your life.